Reading and Math Interventions
for Grades 2-12  


Learning Together uses the power of peer relationships to engage at-risk students in productive, caring one-on-one partnerships. Using best practices from classroom studies, brain research and developmental psychology, the “learn by teaching” methodology integrated into our reading and math programs benefits both tutors and tutees.  We can help you select the right Reading Together or Math Together program for students in grades two through high school. Three key components make Learning Together peer teaching so effective:  

Lesson Design
Tutorials  are designed around structured interactions, with step-by-step lesson plans that consistently reinforce strategies for intentional thinking and active engagement. Students are exposed to all language arts — reading, writing, speaking and listening — in every reading or math lesson. Students have multiple opportunities to practice academic skills and vocabulary as their teacher monitors progress and lends support. 

Direct Instruction
While lessons are scripted, tutors aren’t just reading from a script. They receive direct instruction from a trained teacher before each and every lesson, so they understand the higher-order thinking skills they are introducing. They role-play each lesson, completing all reading or math activities.  The teacher monitors and troubleshoots through tutorials, bringing tutors together afterward for additional direct instruction. 

Leadership Academy
 Perhaps the most powerful component, this intensive tutor training module is completed before tutorials begin. Tutors learn the nuts and bolts of delivering the academic program, but just as important, they practice the leadership and interpersonal skills they need to become effective mentors and role models.  Leadership development continues throughout the program as tutors prepare as a group and debrief  after each lesson for feedback, problem solving and celebrating success!