Double the impact with peer learning

Learning Together interventions pair two struggling students in a rigorous, structured and research-based peer learning partnership. Working together, both students repair academic deficits, achieve proficiency and build social and emotional skills vital for lifelong learning.  

Our reading and math programs align with foundational knowledge and higher-level critical thinking required by the most rigorous state and national standards. Students achieve far more than improved test scores though because lessons integrate social, emotional and behavioral coaching, students are motivated to participate fully in their own education. 

Whether your students are at-risk because they are on the bubble or falling behind, are ELL/ESOL, on IEPs, have behavioral difficulties, are shy or acting out, Learning Together refocuses attention, engages participation and builds self-efficacy. Learning Together students feel good because they see themselves leading and succeeding, often for the first time, creating positive — even amazing — changes in students and schools.