16 Years and Counting...

At 16 years, we think Barbara Frye may be our most loyal volunteer Reading Together tutor. (Yes, there are lots of schools using adult instead of peer tutors -- it's a wonderful way to engage the community.) Barbara volunteers at Fairview Elementary in High Point, NC, which is part of a wonderful Communities in Schools program called GrandPals. Let us know if you have a special volunteer you'd like to honor!


Looking for caring hearts...

An amazing program called H.U.G. in Louisville, Kentucky, uses Reading Together materials with community volunteers. Kudos to founder Janine Broussard, who saw a need and stepped in to fill it! Learn more at https://www.hugreadingprogram.org.


Capture the voice of your students

The Gallup Student Poll, a web-based survey, empowers schools to add the voice of their students to measures of school success. The survey helps educators provide a more positive school culture -- one that builds engagement, creates hope for the future, fosters talent and prepares students to meaningfully participate in the economy.

Register now for  no-cost administration between Sept. 25th and Oct. 27.

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