Raising student achievement
by the power of 2!  


Double the impact with peer teaching

Learning Together uses the power of peer teaching to create positive ―  even amazing ― changes in students and schools. When two struggling students work together, they accomplish more than either can alone. The older tutor learns by teaching and the younger tutee has a safe place to practice new skills.

Like many interventions, Learning Together uses proven research-based practices to repair academic deficits and improve proficiency. But unlike other interventions, Learning Together addresses the social and emotional factors that cause students to fail. Lessons incorporate leadership training, relationship building and behavioral coaching. As students experience and apply these new skills, they begin to develop the intrinsic motivation and resilience they need to succeed. Students come to school, stay in school and feel good about school.

Programs begin with Leadership Academy, which provides tutors with a confident start and ongoing support as they practice for and deliver lessons under the guidance of a trained teacher.  Tutees prepare to join the learning partnership in Scholars Institute, direct instruction that also builds skills that transfer to the classroom: self-awareness; self-evaluation; goal setting and writing; note-taking; and time management and organization. 

Learning Together programs are all-inclusive ― your school or non-profit receives everything needed for a successful implementation. Outstanding customer support includes ongoing training, coaching and monitoring.