Math Together

At every level, Math Together interventions use best teaching practices and the power of peer relationships to reinforce foundational skills, promote critical thinking and provide strategies that allow students to tackle next-level concepts.  A proven "learn by teaching" methodology creates a caring one-on-one environment, increases test-taking skills and math confidence.  Each program comes complete with everything needed for implementation, including teacher handbooks, student guidebooks and math tool kits.  

Math Together/Elementary is designed for below-grade-level learners in 4th-6th grades.  It focuses on critical thinking and solving word problems based on reading passages about U.S. history.  Students learn the SOLVE paradigm to tackle intimidating word problems. 

Two levels of Get Ready 4 Algebra prime middle and high school students for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, considered the gateway to success in college. Module One retrains key 4th-6th grade math concepts, especially fractions and decimals, identified in national surveys of teachers as the key barriers to success in Algebra. Module Two teaches key pre-algebraic concepts and prepares students for the more abstract mathematics introduced in Algebra I. Both modules include real-world problems, career readiness and study skills that build lifelong success.


Math Together/

Math Together/Elementary is an interdisciplinary program with problems incorporated in passages about key people and events in U.S. history. Launch activities allow students to discover math concepts independently. The SOLVE paradigm that provides a framework for approaching addition, subtraction and multiplication word problems. Students also write their own problems based on the passages.  Lessons end with a guided journal that reinforces math concepts, vocabulary and writing skills.  

Tutees: Grades 3 - 5
Tutors: Grades 5 - 8


Get Ready 4 Algebra
Module One

Preparing for Pre-Algebra. The focus is on fractions, rational numbers and math study skills, areas of weakness identified by Algebra I teachers. Lessons revisit fractions with a modeling and application approach that allows students to gain a fundamental understanding of their  operations. As lessons progress, modeling is replaced with an increased emphasis on abstract thinking. Unit  reviews and quizzes allow teachers to easily check for understanding.

Tutees: Grade Six and higher
Tutors: Grade Seven and higher


Get Ready 4 Algebra
Module Two

Preparing for Algebra I. The focus is on solving equations and developing abstract thinking. Each concept is covered over two lessons, allowing students extended time to explore concepts, see how their applications are relevant in the real world, practice enough problems to build independence and create their own study guides by completing end-of-lesson activities and journaling.  Unit  reviews and quizzes allow teachers to easily check for understanding.

Tutees: Grade Seven and higher
Tutors: Grade Eight and higher