Beaumont High School, Beaumont USD CA
Reading Together Secondary Module Two Videos

Instructors: Paul Lopez and Martin DuSold

Throughout the summer, a series of videos were used to provide context about themes in our summer readings. These videos were designed to help set the tone for that day’s lesson, help our visual learners with L2 subject matter, and create some emotional connection with the material. This is the list of videos that were used:

  1. Will Smith Interview Compilation (YouTube)
    Work ethic, giving back, living a purposeful life

  2. Mike Powell Relentless Pursuit (ESPN E:60)
    Overcoming circumstances in life, fighting through adversity, not giving up

  3. The 3 Doctors Interview/Back Story (YouTube)
    Sharing their story; allowing L2 students to see them as real people

  4. Beep Ball (ESPN E:60)
    Overcoming circumstances in life, fighting through adversity, not giving up

  5. Up In Smoke Auburn Football (ESPN E:60)
    Avoiding pitfalls of life, making good choices, understanding consequences (drugs)

  6. Chris Herren Unguarded (YouTube) and Basketball Junkie (CNN)
    Making good choices, understanding consequences, taking responsibility (drugs)

  7. Dick and Rick Hoyt Team Hoyt (HBO Real Sports)
    Leading a sacrificial life, giving of yourself, putting others first

  8. The Ball (ESPN E:60)
    Intro to lesson 10: world hunger, understanding our blessings in United States, being conscious of others in society, going extra step to do good

  9. Patrick Larimore Story (ESPN E:60)
    “Good” versus “Better” decision-making, thinking and analyzing situations

  10. Breaking Bad (ESPN E:60)
    Intro to bullying issue, preventing bullying

  11. Bill Buckner Behind the Bag (ESPN E:60)
    Social commentary on bullying, understanding how to treat others

  12. John Shear Shear Will (ESPN E:60)
    Sacrifice for others, taking opportunity to do good, heroism

  13. Butch Varno Picking Up Butch (ESPN E:60)
    Doing for others, begin part of something bigger than yourself

  14. We Are Manheim (ESPN E:60)
    Counting our blessings, making the most of each day, life is precious, making good decisions

We did our best to match videos with the content of the lesson for the day, with each video averaging 8-10 minutes. Each of us then talked for a couple of minutes about key points brought out in the video, and how to apply that to the material.

Additionally, with the tutees, we did some reading aloud each day, which many of the students felt helped them overcome their fears, as well as helped with confidence. That was also a key issue in helping both groups grow comfortable with the tutoring sessions and the skills being pushed with peer-driven learning.