Tutor and Tutee
Sometimes you feel scared to ask the teacher…sometimes they explain it and you don’t understand and you’re afraid to ask again. But your friend is your friend…I feel comfortable.

A Parent's Perspective
This is such a win-win. I was lucky to have two kids in the program. Both of my kids matured, they grew, they take it so professionally… The growth from both ends is just phenomenal.

From the Teacher
Our kids are unique in that they have an emotional issue, a behavioral problem or a learning disability – or they have a combination of all three. So for them to be empowered as a tutor and take on the role of leader…was a tremendous opportunity to show they didn’t always need to be on the receiving end.

Take the English Language Learners – we saw those students interacting with confidence with a peer, testing, trying, experimenting with language. Even when they made a mistake, they went back and corrected it. It was powerful to watch that.